Move in your strengths: Integrate your passions into mommyhood.


Try something radical today: move in your strengths.

This word came early one morning when I just needed  to “get it out” before the Lord. I needed to vent all the stuff I had been struggling with in my adjustment to two kids. This was one of the first mornings I finally felt I could just lay it out before Him in all its ugly imperfections:

I don’t like this. How can anyone really like this? 5 hours of sleep, minimal breaks ranging from 12-23 minutes, rushed showers, bad hair, always in I- need- a- shower -mode…the days last at a minimum of 12 hours, and just when I think I’m done at 8:00 pm I have Chris’ lunch to pack.*


I miss enjoying life. I miss running. I miss being able to pursue things I love. I miss time to create, to paint, to read and to write whenever I want.

I had no idea how much sacrifice it would take. Maybe I could manage with one, but with two it seemed impossible. How do other moms do it?

I often found myself being frustrated more often than not. A familiar picture of me is running around the house looking for my cell-phone and water– as if a constant reminder of how unorganized and what a mess I am- so I can nurse the baby and not be parched or bored. Oh, and I have to pee and I’m super thirsty because I’m nursing all the time.

Frustration, anger, argh!

I don’t like this.

The constant mess, clutter and chaos? Not a fan Lord.

To-do lists that I write that never get done by the end of the day.

Drop the lists, completely change your approach and move in your strengths.

Artistic: Make art with your son, and use your imagination as you play with your son, create with Lego.

Athletic: Go for a walk with your kids, play tag with Asher, spin him, wrestle and work out with him in creative ways.

Cooking: Cook, even bake with your son. Have Jesus Culture going…have fun every moment.

Laughter: Laugh with both of your kids and make a point to laugh with him and her.

Read: Set a reading time with them…and 30 minutes where you can do some personal reading.

Style: Be you, dress how you want that allows for all the fun for  the day.

Clean up after yourself as you go. Give yourself grace and room for mistakes, diaper changes, feedings, tantrums and the like.

Let go of the other things, the other to-do lists. Let go.

I’ve been integrating my passions into motherhood, into the day-to-day, and while it’s probably a habit for many, it hasn’t been for me. I would work, and work, and work, and get frustrated at all that wasn’t getting done, and get frustrated at my absent-mindedness, loose everything –all- the- time persona.

While I’m not suggesting this approach should replace our much-needed mommy breaks away from the kids, I am saying it’s made a world of difference in my life. It’s made the difference between really enjoying being at home, to almost hating it (ok, pretty much hating it).

Maybe God didn’t make me super organized, detailed oriented, and meticulous, but that’s ok because my husband is. He fills my holes for me! I’m creative, athletic, and love to laugh, cook and bake, work on my wardrobe and have nice hair. That’s totally ok.

If you sounded like me, I dare you to try it.

What are your strengths? How can you integrate them (or how do you) into the daily routine of mommyhood?

Be encouraged,


*Totally a burden I put on myself. My husband never makes me make his lunch, I just like to, and feel like I should.

  1. Kathleen Peacock said:

    Motherhood is one of the most hardest jobs you can do but it can also be the most rewarding and self developing one..

    • Amanda said:

      Yes, it totally is. It’s a weird combination of awesome and hard, but nothing worth having is easy. > Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:48:23 +0000 > To: >

  2. aenor427 said:

    Oh Amanda, I always comment on your blogs!

    Yes, If eel like that now.

    One child.. I got used to it.

    Two children…no problem….

    Three took me awhile but eventually I managed them, my home, and was even able to learn new crafts and have time to sew and create.

    And add home school to that and I am done. As much as I feel called to this now, (I did not feel it a year ago), I have been struggling with the fact that there really is no time for me to do the things that make me,…. me.. anymore. Creating the lesson plans is fun, but time consuming since we can’t just go out and buy everything we need. In fact, I gave my craft room to Elijah. So with no time comes no space either.

    I will take your challenge and move in my strengths.

    • Amanda said:

      Awesome girlfriend. Please let me know how that works out for you. You totally seem like you might be more on the organized side of the spectrum (correct me if I’m wrong). I’d be interested in hearing how it turns out for you. I hear that can be one of the most challenging things about homeschooling (lack of personal time). I know you’re doing a great job! > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 01:55:01 +0000 > To: >

  3. sthorsby said:

    WOW. I really needed this. My husband is super-organized, detail-oriented, and all about time management / prioritization / efficiency. I struggled with this before having kids and now with two boys who are 15 months apart, I feel like just getting out of the door to go get groceries is a monumental event.

    I miss running (we have yet to get a double jogger), going to get coffee with buddies, making jewelry (I would have to lock myself in a child-restricted room… too many small parts!)… and on top of all that it is so easy to compare myself to other moms who read and color and bake and do crafts with their kids, and I just feel super inadequate in that area. I feel like I should be making lesson plans and carving out specific times during the day to do it all, but with a 17-month old and a 7 week old it’s really all I can do to keep the older one from eating the crayons or craft/baking supplies. And if my oldest will sit down long enough to read a book, he tries to tear the pages apart and freaks OUT if I try to help him turn the pages. I am just beginning to realize that most (ok never mind – ALL) of the moms I’m comparing myself to have older kids who are just in a totally different place developmentally than my kiddos.

    Throw trying to “keep house” in there and I feel like a complete failure most days. I accept your challenge! Hoping I can be happy with my strengths, move in them and pass them on to my kiddos… and hoping that they won’t inherit my weaknesses. :)

    • Amanda said:

      That’s awesome Sara! Thanks for the comment. I can totally relate to feeling inadequate when I compare myself to other moms…I want to write a post on that actually. That’s a really good point you made though: a lot of those mom’s kids are much older. I love the quote, “don’t compare your beginning to some ones middle.” I have been guilty of that, that’s for sure! Glad this could help out, I know this mommy business is NOT easy! Amanda > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 03:12:52 +0000 > To: >

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