6 things I wish I had known before baby number 2: tips for expecting Moms

6 things I wish I knew before baby number 2/ Tips for new moms

Maybe it wouldn’t have taken the crazy out of the crazy…

 But as I learned these tips along the way they helped make things a little easier.

A letter to self:

I know everyone says that two is easier than one, but remember that a newborn is still a newborn and will be a challenging season regardless.

1)      Tackle one thing at a time:

The baby is screaming for food, Asher is getting into trouble, your bladder is full, and your water bottle is empty. OH and you’re thirsty.

They will vie for you attention all at once.

It will be overwhelming.

Tackle one thing at a time: 

  • First, put the baby down in a swing so she’s safe.
  • Put Asher in play room and put a distraction on for him like Curious George.  Close the door.
  •  Go to the bathroom.
  •  Fill your water,
  • And then take baby Cailyn to her nursery where it’s dark and calm. Take ten or twenty minutes to nurse and calm her to sleep.

 2)      Involve Asher:

  •  When baby Cailyn needs a diaper change, let him “help” by throwing the diaper away.
  • When baby Cailyn needs to nurse, give him a snack as well.

3)      Take short cuts:

Take off your super mom cape and take shortcuts where you can.

Yes, you have a bunch of cloth diapers you just bought, but you also have a bunch of disposables you could be using that will help lighten the load of the growing laundry pile.

It’s ok if you order take-out on those days when you really need it.

It’s ok to buy pre-cook roasted chicken from Harris Teeter,

and it’s ok if you don’t make your husband’s lunch every night (he can make his own or buy lunch and he’ll be totally cool with that).

And it’s so alright to order your groceries online instead of driving all the way to the Commissary, even if that means paying a little more.

It’s okay.

4)      Take breaks when you can, even if that means being creative:

If an hour long break seems impossible to take, be creative and take a quick drive to the grocery store. Alone.

When that isn’t going to happen, try this trick you have grown to love:

Give husband the baby, and let him watch both kids for ten or fifteen minutes (even if baby’s fussing), and go to the bathroom, shut the door, throw on some Pandora and do your nails.

You’ll be looking at them for the rest of the week feeling like you take good care of yourself even if you haven’t had a real shower all day.

5)      Let go of the “shoulds” because they likely won’t happen.

Ideally Asher should only be watching 30 minutes of t.v., but if he breaks the American Pediatrics standard of 2 hours max, that’s ok. He will likely hit the 3-4 hour mark.

It’s ok if he doesn’t meet the American Pediatrics standards of 30 minutes outside either.

It’s totally fine, because nothing is going to be the norm or how it “should be.”

6)      Be creative in how you make time for God:

 You’re going to feel overwhelmed at first because you’ll feel like you only have time for Cailyn.

You’ll be so tired you can’t concentrate on reading the bible.

You also won’t exactly have ample free time for scheduled “quiet times.”

But here’s some tips to fit Him in:

  • You can always have worship music on in the background so you can praise Him through the day, and it’s through praise you can become joyful and gain strength.
  • Make use of those late nights when you’re pacing the floor with the baby to pray and talk to Him. Pray for Cailyn, pray for your family, pray for everything and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

And just to encourage you, things do get better. You’re actually going to come out stronger, and more patient from all of this, and best of all, you’re going to gain a new level of reliance on God and compassion towards other Moms going through the craziness of it all.


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  1. What a great post, Amanda! I agreed with every single one. Especially letting go of the should’s!

  2. Shannen said:

    This is GREAT advice! I just had my third (though, feels like second since there’s almost 11 years between the first two) and it is easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Both of them crying? I run for chocolate. We’re in disposables and the cloth diapers are sitting for now. No more guilt! :) Great post! I’m glad to have found it via Works for Me Wednesday

    • Amanda said:

      Thank you :). And ahahahaha, glad im not the only one with cloth diapers in stand still. I can’t take full credit for all the advice. I had such a hard time I picked the brains of all my mom friends ( mostly ones more seasoned than me). The other parts were from my own experience. Youre so sweet, Amanda

      > Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 05:00:42 +0000 > To: moodie665@hotmail.com >

  3. Amber said:

    Standards are so rough. For example, the TV time limitations and outdoor time requirements. I know the past 3 days, temps have been averaging 7 degrees Fahrenheit here :( Not real adequate outdoor playing conditions. You do what you can based on numerous different factors.

    Loved all your other suggestions, too!

    • Amanda said:

      Yeah exactly! Thanks Amber. It’s been really cold here too (at least for north Carolina). :-) Amanda

      > Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 02:06:26 +0000 > To: moodie665@hotmail.com >

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