7 Style Rules To Break (for the SAHM)

7 Rules to Break (for the SAHM), 7 rules that are fun to break (for the SAHM)

OH, these rules hold some stellar convention that I totally dig,

(and even agree with to a point)…

But after having baby number two…

I’ve found its also super fun to break them.

For me, it’s always right after having a baby that I never feel more like myself….

And consequently have the least amount of room in my life for fluff, nonsense and fuss.

I’ve been guilty of setting these supposed rules as strict standards to my own life, but in the short three months of having two kiddos under my roof, I have abandoned many of these rules:

1) Get Dressed to Shoes (especially lace-up shoes):

(I’ll be attacking the shoes part of this rule, and get to the other point next).

This rule is noble. Really, it is. The basic premise behind dressing in laced-up shoes is this:

  • It can increase your productivity.
  • You are that much less likely to “kick your feet up” for a snooze so you’ll take the trash out, clean the dishes, and (insert another random task) instead of resting.
  • You are ready to leave the house on a moment’s notice.

The reality?

  • My Cabela’s slippers are more supportive than most of my laced up shoes so my feet hurt less by the end of the day, and as a result  there’s less of a need for me to take a break.
  • Did I mention I need breaks? I totally need to kick up my feet up once in a while, and love the relaxing vibe the slippers provide me while I’m at home. Less stress = happy momma.
  • And because they are a slip-on I can change into some boots in a moment’s notice.

2) Get Dressed Everyday:

Errr *scrunches nose,* this is definitely the one I’ve always believed in, and have tried to adhere to (and I still do to a point)…

BUT I also LOVE to kick back in my pajamas ALL DAY (at least once a week).

We did it as a family just a couple of weekends ago, and it was both awesome and totally refreshing.

I rocked the no-makeup, undone-hair look, and we lounged around all day and ordered pizza later that night.

I totally needed it and felt so much fresher the following day.

And if you want to do it through the week? So what. If your body is tired, maybe you really need it.

I think it’s when it becomes a perpetual thing that it could become a problem, but even then, I won’t judge you. What you wear is totally between you and God.

3) Dress to Impress.

Lately I just love dressing so it’s comfortable, practical and looks good to me.

I don’t get dressed to impress other people online- most of whom I’ve never met in real life– aka, on this blog. I don’t dress to impress friends, my kiddos, or randoms.

I dress how I want.

And OH how slippers feel so much more comfortable to be walking around in than click clacking around the house in some high heels.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the 1950s housewife that dresses in her heels while vacuuming, but frankly, actually doing it is another story (Gulp. I’ve tried it).

No thanks.

4) Look your best every single day (for this one I’m speaking to my hair style):

I love the idea of this one. It’s truly awesome and maybe even worth striving for, but for me I also think it’s a little impractical.

I can’t be styling my hair from scratch every single day. Not only would that be very bad for my hair, but it would also be a time sucker.

I think it’s totally ok to have descent looking hair without it needing to look like it’s straight from Pinterest.

5) If you got it flaunt it.

As a Christian, this one should have always been a no brainer for me, but for a while I think I either unconsciously or even sometimes consciously bought this lie.

A while back I was reading a post on modesty from Plane Pretty (I couldn’t find the exact post, but here is a similar one).

It inspired me to put a standard to my dress code.

Things like:

  • wearing skirts to your knees,
  • no cleavage,
  • and wearing a shirt or tunic long enough to cover my butt when wearing leggings…

The above things were, embarrassingly, not something I adhered to consciously. Call it leftover from my university days where immodest was the norm, her post was a wake-up call to me. Thank you.

Thankfully modest apparel is fairly stylish these days, but even if it wasn’t I really don’t want to be THAT mom that walks around with cleavage showing, and a thong hanging out when she has little eyes in the house looking around. (Gulp, I totally have been guilty of that, but have since shifted to the modest side).

6) Get rid of ALL worn/pilling clothes:

If I end up having a wardrobe of perfectly kept clothing I won’t have anything to paint in with my Smash, and it would make me feel really anal about breast-feeding my baby, and cooking in the kitchen, and really doing anything messy at home.

Not fun, not practical. That rule can go!

And psssst:

if I adhered to that rule to a tee I wouldn’t still own my favorite black and white cardigan I’m wearing in the photo seen down below:


A little wear is okay in my book.

7) Pain is beauty:

OH, this is a big NEWP for me.

You better believe I’m going to wear comfortable boots any day to click-clacking high heels (no matter how stylish). I’ll save the “pain is beauty” routine for the formal, “once in a while” occasions, not EVERYDAY.

Of course, this abandonment to said rules could be a temporary “it works for now” thing. I would like to have more time in the not so far feature to get ready, but another part of me loves this new sense of freedom from fuss and frills that has come with abandoning what others say “I should do.”

What style “rules” do you love to break?

With love,


linking up with: WIWW @ The Pleated Poppy

  1. Rhea said:

    great outfit….great post…and i agree! it’s more of getting dress how you want, not so much to impress other people :)

    Found your post via What I Wore Wednesday link up… hope you stop by and let me know your thoughts on my outfit. :)

    Rhea, Et Cetera – trench coat & coral

    • Amanda said:

      Thanks girl, glad to know I’m not the only one that’s feeling “that.” > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 17:34:27 +0000 > To: moodie665@hotmail.com >

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