15×15 Maternity Remix Challenge





Yay, my 15×15 remix challenge is finished! Click here for the first part, and here for the second part.

Oddly, getting dressed hasn’t become easier, but a little more challenging since this challenge has finished. Ha.

But now that I have an arsenal of worthwhile wardrobe lessons to take with me for the rest of this pregnancy, I’d love to share in coming posts my maternity additions as I slowly grow the wardrobe.

The main lessons being:

  • Accessories, accessories, accessories need to be a new focus for me when I shop.
  •  Makeup and hair can make or break an outfit. Especially the hair part. Looking through my 15 outfits, the ones that I cringe at are the ones where my hair was having a bad day.
  • It has to be practical. If it’s not comfortable or toddler friendly, I’m not going to buy it. I have plenty of nice heels that I can use for date night, so there’s no real reason for me to focus on the fancy, and impractical right now.
  • Less is more. Instead of buying an excess of new clothing, I’m going to pull purchase ideas from a couple of my polyvore boards I created instead; like this one, and this one. It simplifies my shopping list and should help me buy less.
  • I came up with a much more focused list of things to buy/add to my wardrobe that I can follow through confidently on because going for 15 days with only 15 pieces makes it painfully obvious of what I actually need or could use.
  • I think I want to do this once a season  to keep me on my toes with what I actually need and prevent (you guessed it) overspending.

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(Click here fo my first post on my 15×15 remix challenge).

OH, have I been learning a lot from this challenge.

I’ve been learning that I don’t need as much clothing as I thought. Less is truly more. A theme I seem to keep on relearning in my life. It must be true then, that you don’t have to be the riches person on earth to dress lovely.

This challenge made getting dressed easier. I (mostly) love all 15 items so I was happy with 98 percent of the outfits. In some ways limiting the number of pieces to 15 helped make stronger outfits using pieces I love, and leaning more on creativity to make them work.

I’ve been learning that accessories, good hair, and nice makeup go a long way to putting an outfit together. Clothing is really the blander foundation, and not as important in making an outfit “work” as I was giving it credit.

This challenge has cut down on laundry, and made me value what I own more. Instead of avoiding ironing and stain removing, I take care of them right away because they are all I have. When I have mountains of clothing I can fall back on, half my laundry can go unironed, and unworn as a result.

Doing this challenge is really rather easy in the summer because rarely do I wear more than two layers anyways. This should motivate me to buy fewer pieces this summer and save more money. Hopefully.

Doing this challenge has made a much more accurate idea of what my wardrobe could really use, instead of what I think it could use. My shopping list has nearly split in half!










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Next wednesday I’ll post my final post on this challenge.

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I've recently been inspired by Kendi Everyday's 30x30 remix challenge. The rules? Create 30 outfits, out of 30 pieces of clothing, for 30 days, using items already in your closet. Shoes and accessories don't count! Phew!  

Scarf: Gap / Tank: Target / Belt: Target / Maxi Dress: Victoria Secret / Sneakers: Keds

I'm pregnant with baby number two, and my wardrobe is slowly but surely thinning out. 15 days is about what I can eek out right now, so 15x15 remix it is! In the mean time, this challenge should help me shop my wardrobe and stretch my pieces using accessories, and lots of creative mix and matching. I figure this will be a great way to really show myself what my wardrobe could use before I run out and go mindlessly crazy buying maternity clothing. Already from this challenge I feel like I could use some more statement earrings and necklaces. Accessories seem to be the trick to this mix and match game. Day2

Tunic: TJ Maxx / Belt: Target / Leggings: Old Navy Maternity / Flats: Reef


Tank: Old Navy Maternity / Jeans: Old Navy Maternity / Sandal: USMC Exchange


Dress: Old Navy Maternity / Necklace: American Eagle / Shoes: Toms


Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren / Chambray: Landsend Canvas / Tank: Old Navy Maternity / Belt: Landsend Canvas / Shorts: JC Penny / Shoes: Keds / Necklace: American Eagle

d5 I've been taking one day at time to avoid "worrying about what I'm going to wear." I haven't been painfully coordinating all the 15 pieces together, instead I've been picking out what I really want to wear for that day, and I'm more than confident God will take care of the rest! clothesPicsArt_1369248703373

Total pieces worn so far? 10. Ten days to go.

My plan is to post again for the next two wednesdays until I've completed this challenge. Come on back if you like, and have an enjoyable day!


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