31 Days of no more procrastinating

The Beginning…

“Question: What one thing could you do (you aren’t doing now) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your personal life? What about your professional life?”

Stephen Covey

I’m excited to take on the Nester’s 31 day challenge, where for the whole month of October you blog everyday about whatever it is you pick to blog about. It took me some thinking to finally decide what I wanted to blog about…but here it is:

A little bit of a mouthful, I know! Anyone who has read the late Stephen Covey’s book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t heard of it, I’ll fill you in. When Covey talks about time management, and how we spend our time, he breaks it into 4 different categories in the diagram below (see page 151, The 7 Habits):

Essentially, highly effective people don’t waste their time in the unimportant categories. Crisis managers spend most of their time in the important urgent/ unimportant urgent categories, while the time wasters spend their time in the unimportant and not urgent categories. The important, non-urgent things of life are those things that aren’t pressing, but really increase the quality of your life, and make you more effective. Exercising, relationship building, creative hobbies, planning and so on, are all excellent examples of important, non-urgent activities. They also take something called initiative.

My Time Management Matrix

Important/UrgentAsher  crying Dog needs to go outDinner timeLaundry overflowingGarbage/Recycling Diaper changesFeed Asher Important/Not urgentExercisingRunningTrain for a 5kmPaintBlogQuality time with babyDIY home projectsHomegroupHospitalityMom time: (nails, hair)ReadingDate night
Not Important/ UrgentPhone ringsText messagesSome email, mailTaskingLooking for lost items Not Important/ Not urgentFacebook/ social media overloadInternet browsing  



As a new mom, it’s very easy to become a crisis manager. The baby cries, the phone rings, the laundry needs to get done, dinner needs to be made…before I know it week after week goes by, and I still haven’t made time to paint, to try this new DIY home decor project, hang out with this friend, help out that neighbor, and so on. And…its…exhausting! It’s a good way to get burned out.

That’s why I want to dedicate the next 31 days to doing those things that I love, that are important to me, but for whatever reason I’ve procrastinated, or let other less important things take over. I brainstormed 31 activities that I’d like to do, and I have to say, I’m excited to do them!

If you want to join me, remember your answers to the first question in this post, and get to it! It will make you more effective, so why not make the time? Remember, if you want to make time for those important things you’ve been putting off, you need to say no to the less important things.

Happy October!


Day 1 (race date), Day 2 (5k training plan), Day 3 (haircut poetry), Day 4 (Becoming an early bird, because I’d like a worm), Day 5 (Welcome), Day 6 (chalkboard projects), Day 7 (Fall board), Day 8 (family photo shoot outfit planning), Day 9 (Finishing what I started: side chalk board projects), Day 10 (Simple, Easy, Cheap DIY Wreath), Day 11 (Wall art), Day 12 (Race: Finding the right pace), Day 13 (a few essential “big day” items), Day 14 (The “Big Day” Month-Long Plan), Day 15 (Sometimes Starting is the Hardest Part), Day 16 (Easy DIY Burlap Message Boards), Day 17 (Building Family Traditions), Day 18 (my top 5 strategies to working out post-pregnancy), Day 19 (Date night), Day 20&21 (And then life happens), Day 22 (Cultivating the impractical: soaking in His presence), Day 23:(How to plan for the important, non-urgent things in life), Day 25 (Home improvement), Day 26 ( DIY 5 minute deordorant that works), Day 27 (My first attempt at perfecting dunkin donuts pumpkin muffin), Day 28 ( You’re Invited), Day 29 & 30 (Our Charleston Vacation)