smell-good vacuum.

Maybe you have this issue with your vacuum and maybe you don’t, but after awhile, ours starts to smell like our dog. That is, after using it several times, the “leftover” smell is kind of stinky. So, this is a super easy, no-fail trick. All you need are some cotton balls and a smell-good scent you don’t mind using.

I’ve used vanilla extract, peppermint extract, and lavendar essential oil. Our favorite is peppermint extract, and is the best choice for me because vanilla extract gets used a lot in our house and isn’t cheap, whereas I only ever used the peppermint extract once around Christmas. Not quite as precious.

Plus, my husband and I LOVE the smell. The lavendar worked out well, but I put WAY too many drops into the cotton balls, so the smell was way too overpowering and headache inducing. 3-4 drops should do it, not 7! I guess I was being overzealous because I wanted to kill the dog hair smell.

The steps:

I usually grab a few cotton balls (4 or 5), put them in a small bowl, and soak them with some of the smell-good scent. I then put them into the vacuum bag, and use the vacuum as needed.

Enjoy your sweet smelling vacuum! It even kind of lingers for the day. Read More


This is how I just recently organized my purses…you can use shower curtain rings, or the toy hangers for mobiles like I did.

I just started  fall cleaning  my closet… I love this new idea I got from a real simple ad on organizing your purses; hang them with shower curtain hooks. I didn’t have those but I do have A LOT of those toy hangers you get from activity gyms for babies. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Anyway, love it!

….drum roll… here’s my main topic, fall cleaning your closet:

My main motive for fall cleaning my closet is to make it as efficient, and clean smelling as possible.Its time for the summer clothing to move out, and for the fall/winter clothing to move in!  The benefits move beyond visual; the more air that can circulate, the fresher smelling your closet and clothing  will be, and the less wrinkly they will become…oh, and you’ll be able to see them a lot easier! Also, storing your seasonal clothing, if done properly, can make them last longer…bonus!

After having read on fall cleaning, and practicing it for several years now, here’s a list I came up with that might be of some help:

Steps to fall clean your closet:

  1. Empty contents from closet,  wipe down and dust shelves and walls.
  2. Completely air out your closet thoroughly. This is really important, and worth the wait to ensure a fresh closet. Fresh closet = fresh smelling clothing.
  3. Prepare yourself to make 4 piles: Keeping summer clothing that will be stored…Maybe keeping…Giving/Selling…Keeping fall clothing
  4. Launder contents that are going away for the season so that all dirt, dust, and moisture is taken care of…all those culprits will deteriorate your clothing and attract bugs. Make sure you only keep the summer contents you actually wore; put aside overly worn items, and give gently used items away.
  5. Launder fall clothing you’ll keep. Make sure you do this to ensure a fresh smelling closet…items stored for a season can smell musty.
  6. Separate and sort your items into the different piles. Keep only items that you love, make you feel great, and are flattering. If this means you now only have four items, you can keep what you need for now, and plan to gradually phase them out. I’m going to mark my “necessary evils” with a clothes pins on my hangers.
  7. Put back the fall laundered pieces you love…and store loved summer pieces in plastic bins with labels…store maybe items in a box, or plastic bin with a deadline (i.e. 6 months), so that you will reanalyze the items.
  8. Dont bring back anything that doesn’t belong in your closet (clutter, bills, empty boxes, etc.).
  9. Take inventory, and make a list. Note what, and how many of each items you have. While you’re at it, include what you need to replace and add. Now you should have a list you can use to safely guide you to worthwhile items to add to your efficient and clean smelling closet!
  10. Make a cap for the items in your closet. I plan to follow this one to ensure my closet doesn’t become overcrowded. 60 items is my max, and if I buy something new I really want commit to giving away a piece to make up for the new addition.

It might be a lot of work, but seeing as it’s only completed about twice a year, I think my clothing and your clothing deserve the love. Hope this helps!