DIY home projects


The distaff and spindle were used in spinning her flax into thread. I’m not sure I entirely understand the logistics of weaving, but it was quite common in the old testament times for women of noble background and maidservants to know how to spin.

I think it’d be cool to know how to weave, but I don’t. It’s not engrained in our culture…and as much as I’ve already said that I think sewing is the closest modern-day equivalent, I think this verse can extend beyond sewing and weaving.

The point is she used her hands. She was diligent with her hands, and created things with her hands for her family, and for her business. As a wife and mom, I can use my hands to create beautiful things for our home, make a healthy meal for dinner, give my husband a head scratch, organize a messy room into order and peace, hug my son, type words of encouragement on my laptop…

Hands can have the power to build a home, or tear it down. Diligent hands build a home, while idle ones tear it down.

Putting my hands to use:


I’ve always loved the idea of using what you have first instead of running to the store to replace every ugly thing you own. Sometimes repainting pieces you don’t like turn out, and sometimes they don’t, but at least if it doesn’t it’s not a big deal because you didn’t like it from the start.

That was essentially my inspiration for repainting a little red lamp I didn’t care for. Bye-bye red, hello light blue. Bye-bye ugly black-brass, hello chalk board paint:



I probably could have recoated the lamp shade, but I really didn’t mind having some of the red poke through. Perfectionism is not my aim for Cailyn’s nursery.


Now for the very easy paper bunting project.

All I did was use an old cereal box to create a triangle stencil that I measured out using a ruler. I then used my stencil, and traced the shapes onto an old paper grocery bag using chalk (its erasable), cut them out with scissors, and hot glued them onto some old string. I tied the bunting creation onto an old campfire stick I nailed to the wall of the nursery. I then paper clipped the middle portion to the mirror for good measure.



My inspiration for this bunting project came from here, only she designed her triangles on her computer and then printed them off in fun colors, cut them out, and glued them to some string.She offers a free printable if you’d like to make one yourself! And Honestly, I was originally going to do that but our computer printer isn’t working, but  hey, it worked out for the better  because the brown-bag color goes better with the “natural and pure”  theme I’m working with for the nursery.

happy creating,