7 Rules to Break (for the SAHM), 7 rules that are fun to break (for the SAHM)

OH, these rules hold some stellar convention that I totally dig,

(and even agree with to a point)…

But after having baby number two…

I’ve found its also super fun to break them.

For me, it’s always right after having a baby that I never feel more like myself….

And consequently have the least amount of room in my life for fluff, nonsense and fuss.

I’ve been guilty of setting these supposed rules as strict standards to my own life, but in the short three months of having two kiddos under my roof, I have abandoned many of these rules:

1) Get Dressed to Shoes (especially lace-up shoes):

(I’ll be attacking the shoes part of this rule, and get to the other point next).

This rule is noble. Really, it is. The basic premise behind dressing in laced-up shoes is this:

  • It can increase your productivity.
  • You are that much less likely to “kick your feet up” for a snooze so you’ll take the trash out, clean the dishes, and (insert another random task) instead of resting.
  • You are ready to leave the house on a moment’s notice.

The reality?

  • My Cabela’s slippers are more supportive than most of my laced up shoes so my feet hurt less by the end of the day, and as a result  there’s less of a need for me to take a break.
  • Did I mention I need breaks? I totally need to kick up my feet up once in a while, and love the relaxing vibe the slippers provide me while I’m at home. Less stress = happy momma.
  • And because they are a slip-on I can change into some boots in a moment’s notice.

2) Get Dressed Everyday:

Errr *scrunches nose,* this is definitely the one I’ve always believed in, and have tried to adhere to (and I still do to a point)…

BUT I also LOVE to kick back in my pajamas ALL DAY (at least once a week).

We did it as a family just a couple of weekends ago, and it was both awesome and totally refreshing.

I rocked the no-makeup, undone-hair look, and we lounged around all day and ordered pizza later that night.

I totally needed it and felt so much fresher the following day.

And if you want to do it through the week? So what. If your body is tired, maybe you really need it.

I think it’s when it becomes a perpetual thing that it could become a problem, but even then, I won’t judge you. What you wear is totally between you and God.

3) Dress to Impress.

Lately I just love dressing so it’s comfortable, practical and looks good to me.

I don’t get dressed to impress other people online- most of whom I’ve never met in real life– aka, on this blog. I don’t dress to impress friends, my kiddos, or randoms.

I dress how I want.

And OH how slippers feel so much more comfortable to be walking around in than click clacking around the house in some high heels.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the 1950s housewife that dresses in her heels while vacuuming, but frankly, actually doing it is another story (Gulp. I’ve tried it).

No thanks.

4) Look your best every single day (for this one I’m speaking to my hair style):

I love the idea of this one. It’s truly awesome and maybe even worth striving for, but for me I also think it’s a little impractical.

I can’t be styling my hair from scratch every single day. Not only would that be very bad for my hair, but it would also be a time sucker.

I think it’s totally ok to have descent looking hair without it needing to look like it’s straight from Pinterest.

5) If you got it flaunt it.

As a Christian, this one should have always been a no brainer for me, but for a while I think I either unconsciously or even sometimes consciously bought this lie.

A while back I was reading a post on modesty from Plane Pretty (I couldn’t find the exact post, but here is a similar one).

It inspired me to put a standard to my dress code.

Things like:

  • wearing skirts to your knees,
  • no cleavage,
  • and wearing a shirt or tunic long enough to cover my butt when wearing leggings…

The above things were, embarrassingly, not something I adhered to consciously. Call it leftover from my university days where immodest was the norm, her post was a wake-up call to me. Thank you.

Thankfully modest apparel is fairly stylish these days, but even if it wasn’t I really don’t want to be THAT mom that walks around with cleavage showing, and a thong hanging out when she has little eyes in the house looking around. (Gulp, I totally have been guilty of that, but have since shifted to the modest side).

6) Get rid of ALL worn/pilling clothes:

If I end up having a wardrobe of perfectly kept clothing I won’t have anything to paint in with my Smash, and it would make me feel really anal about breast-feeding my baby, and cooking in the kitchen, and really doing anything messy at home.

Not fun, not practical. That rule can go!

And psssst:

if I adhered to that rule to a tee I wouldn’t still own my favorite black and white cardigan I’m wearing in the photo seen down below:


A little wear is okay in my book.

7) Pain is beauty:

OH, this is a big NEWP for me.

You better believe I’m going to wear comfortable boots any day to click-clacking high heels (no matter how stylish). I’ll save the “pain is beauty” routine for the formal, “once in a while” occasions, not EVERYDAY.

Of course, this abandonment to said rules could be a temporary “it works for now” thing. I would like to have more time in the not so far feature to get ready, but another part of me loves this new sense of freedom from fuss and frills that has come with abandoning what others say “I should do.”

What style “rules” do you love to break?

With love,


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Christmas family photo shoot

Last year I posted a blueprint for our families fall family photo shoot using as a resource to create a template. Well, I thought I’d try to make another template borrowing images of clothing that are similar to my families current wardrobe.

The only difference this year is that we plan on doing our own photos instead of hiring someone. Not sure how they will turn out, but I think it will be fun.

I decided to go for a blue and white palette contrasted with dark blues, browns and tans. I’m thinking I’ll make it more Christmasy (I made that word up) with some editing effects and font if possible, because the clothing itself isn’t super Christmasy. Not sure if I’ll wear a wrap for the photo or just hold Cailyn, but I’m going to leave that decision pending. My wrap is blue, not pink though ( I couldn’t find another image).

We ended up wearing a much different look for out photos last year because the photographer we hired wasn’t digging my blueprint. Her photos turned out very nice, but this year I’d like to follow my vision and wardrobe plan because they didn’t feel entirely like us. I want the photos to be “us” if you know what I’m saying, and doing things ourselves gives us that uninhibited freedom.

Once I figure out how we will doctor them up  I’d love to share what we did (failure or not). There are a lot of awesome print companies that seem to sell beautiful photo prints for a bargain, so I might tap into that. Any suggestions are welcome!


Oh, and we plan on using them as cards for our families and friends.

Merry Christmas in advance!




I was recently asked  by Brilliant Earth (a jewelry company),  if I would be interested in coming up with an inspiration board featuring my favorite cocktail ring of choice as part of a Signature Piece Challenge they’re hosting. After looking into the company and learning how they ethically source their jewelry (no blood diamonds people!) and have a fabulous sense for style (check out their vintage jewelry), I thought, why not?

Above is my inspiration board for the coming holiday season and along side it is my favorite cocktail ring from Brilliant Earth.

I’ve taken to baby wearing this past week out of desperation to calm my fussy newborn. I originally bought the boba wrap to use when I needed my hands free, which I thought would be most of the time when I still have a toddler boy to take care of.

At first she wasn’t crazy about it, so it sat around for a bit while I passed her off to others (aka my mom when she was down for the first couple weeks), or held her in my arms. But after learning how to put it on right, and putting her in it before her fussy spells (a very important point), it’s been working out much better, making for a happier baby and momma!

After reading about baby wearing, I’ve learned it means much more than wearing your baby when you’re out and about or when you want your hands free (although that’s part of it); it’s a perpetual thing. Instead of using a car seat to lug your baby around when out, baby wearing means using the car seat only for car trips and wearing him or her when you get to your destination.

Other winning points for me:

  • In cultures where baby wearing is the norm, crying can be measured in minutes, rather than hours like in the West.
  • Baby wearing helps soothe colicky/fussy babies and has even been known to cure it (my main reason for using it).
  • Wraps and slings are better for babies physical development whereas car seats can put undue pressure on the spine.
  • Babies carried in wraps can learn more because they spend more time in a quiet alert stage (the stage where they can learn the most) and they also have more of an opportunity to hear, see and experience all that you do in a day.
  • Babies that are carried are less clingy when they get older (let’s hope this is true!).
  • Studies have shown that wearing your baby for just 3 hours a day makes for a less fussy baby.

So far I only have one wrap, but I’m strongly considering getting another one as they do get dirty, and although they are washable, it’s nice to have a second one on hand. My current one is striped, so a basic one, like the brown one in my inspiration board, would be a good pick for me.

Anyways, now that baby wearing has become a part of my wardrobe, I’ve been looking for pieces that compliment this lifestyle. Here’s how my board compliments baby wearing without compromising my style this holiday season:

The open front tops allow for easy breastfeeding and baby wearing. The darker jeans and heeled wedges are still comfortable but can pass as “dressier” for holiday parties. The large tote can store all my essentials, and the little bling-bling, sparkly-sparkly from the cocktail ring adds some glamour to an otherwise dressy-casual outfit.

If there’s any one thing I’ve learned from my last pregnancy is how a little *sparkle-sparkle* can make you feel beautiful right when you are feeling a little drab in the last trimester. Now I know that my true beauty comes from who I am in Christ, but as a mom with a toddler and a fresh new baby that demands much of my time, a little sparkle-sparkle can help to fight against the mom-frump if you know what I’m saying.

Many blessings,


28 weeks

So often I’m methodical when it comes to my wardrobe shopping, that way I can make the most of every dollar and my style. I often stick to the classic styles like dark jeans and a white t-shirt, classic cardigans, and black leggings.

For this pregnancy I decided to turn the tables a little and have some fun! I found these prints jeans and red blouse on sale at maternity motherhood while on vacation in Alaska. The pants are great because they can work in both a dressier setting and a more casual one. The shirt is a nice option for Church or a night out with the husband.

I’ve been buying a mixture of non-maternity and maternity items to save some money. For instance, I bought an oversized chambray shirt and a couple regular size cardigans I can leave open and use post-pregnancy. I also managed to fit into a larger size maxi skirt I picked up.

Most days I live in leggings, a fitted t-shirt, or a maxi dress or skirt. Then I add a punch of interest with a statement necklace or a scarf. Not going to lie, this past June I splurged on a bunch of budget accessories from Target, and I’m really glad I did because it makes a smaller wardrobe grow.

This particular look was pulled together in 15-20 minutes. That’s about all I have most mornings with my toddler bouncing around. Showering at night, making use of dry shampoo, becoming great at putting makeup on in 5 minutes, and making use of pinterest for cute but easy hair styles has helped me a lot in this pregnancy. Sleep is a priority for me, so keeping my overall “getting ready” routine simple and quick is a must.

For the remainder of this pregnancy, I figure I’ll focus on finding a pair or two of some really comfortable shoes and other things that will last after pregnancy (makeup, or possibly a bag??). Right now I feel like I have enough, but if I do find that nothing fits near the end of this pregnancy (like was the case for me with Asher), then I think I might add a couple tees.

If you’re pregnant or have been, do you have any tips on making your maternity wardrobe look good on less?

Much love,


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Yay, my 15×15 remix challenge is finished! Click here for the first part, and here for the second part.

Oddly, getting dressed hasn’t become easier, but a little more challenging since this challenge has finished. Ha.

But now that I have an arsenal of worthwhile wardrobe lessons to take with me for the rest of this pregnancy, I’d love to share in coming posts my maternity additions as I slowly grow the wardrobe.

The main lessons being:

  • Accessories, accessories, accessories need to be a new focus for me when I shop.
  •  Makeup and hair can make or break an outfit. Especially the hair part. Looking through my 15 outfits, the ones that I cringe at are the ones where my hair was having a bad day.
  • It has to be practical. If it’s not comfortable or toddler friendly, I’m not going to buy it. I have plenty of nice heels that I can use for date night, so there’s no real reason for me to focus on the fancy, and impractical right now.
  • Less is more. Instead of buying an excess of new clothing, I’m going to pull purchase ideas from a couple of my polyvore boards I created instead; like this one, and this one. It simplifies my shopping list and should help me buy less.
  • I came up with a much more focused list of things to buy/add to my wardrobe that I can follow through confidently on because going for 15 days with only 15 pieces makes it painfully obvious of what I actually need or could use.
  • I think I want to do this once a season  to keep me on my toes with what I actually need and prevent (you guessed it) overspending.

That’s all for now lovelies,


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